SGL 1502-2

“Excellent debut…Several obvious points of reference come to mind: the Paul Motian Trio in terms of knotty compositional proclivities, Tim Berne…[but] Babkas is far from merely exercising imitation, and this full program of lengthy jaunts and short, condensed sound nuggets reveals plenty of depth…The ideas fly furiously, thick arrangements unleashing a deluge of phrases and turns. Toe-tapping, finger snapping is out…bone-cracking, mind-wracking is in.”

—Peter Margasak, Butt Rag

Debut of Seattle/Brooklyn baseless free/power trio. Moody high-wire jazz includes rock and Balkan influences. “Basically, we’re all interested in music in which anything can happen any time. Like the weather.” (Aaron Alexander)

“Challenging yet accessible. Drawing on a wide range of influences from Brahms to bebop to the Balkans and beyond, this band defines a timeless space of its own and fills it with pieces of emotional variety and depth….A carefully balanced study of contrasts, whether of moods, of rhythms, of textures, or of compositional devices, suggesting young gods toying with matter and anti-matter, swing and anti-swing….” — E.L. Saylor, Earshot Jazz

“Here’s a trio that knows how to blend freely inspired improvisational abandon with disciplined artistic selectivity and taste…What results is often dramatic and always unique…Highly recommended.” — Carl Baugher, Cadence

“It churns with the atmospherics and challenging conceits of the post-modernist New York loft scene. It rages and roars and scatters lovely Eastern European-influenced passages along the dense sonic landscape.” — Don Adair, Spokane Spokesman-Review

“If there’s such a thing as rock-bop phrasing, Brad Schoeppach’s got it…Brad emerges as a powerful, hyper-eclectic original in these full bore sax/drums/guitar improvisations.” — Joe Gore, Guitar Player

**** “Babkas obviously has devoured new jazz esthetics and is bursting with new ideas…This resourceful threesome is never less than honestly inspired.” — Myles Boisen, CD Review

avant jazz/world/fusion
  1. Your Sign Here
  2. Stretch
  3. Clang
  4. Czugy Stodel
  5. Quaynophneky
  6. Hungarian Dance #20
  7. Piglet
  8. …at first, a cookie
  9. Walla
  10. Xin
  11. Tarc Looma
  12. PLAW
  13. Gzbsh
  14. Jerry's Birthday
  15. Big Bird Razor
  • Briggan Krauss, alto sax
  • Aaron Alexander, drums, percussion
  • Brad Shepik, guitar
  • Compositions by Brad Shepik (1, 3, 4, 9, 12), Aaron Alexander (8, 14), Brahms (6); the rest are improvisations.
  • CD nla
  • Release Date
    July 09, 1993