Michael Blake’s lyrics, from his album Fulfillment

The Ballad of Gurdit Singh

If some strange ship carries away a loved one’s soul
Never seeing them again when
All that remains all that matters is this:
Our ways are our ways not your ways
And you don’t speak or act like me from what I can see
What could come from such travesty?
The mountains looking down on the scene
Mock us with their majesty

The forests whisper stories of those
Who were cheated out of lives they were meant to live
So we’re not alone then
This is where we want to be
When meditation, prayer and patience end in disgrace
It’s so long now…
The gates have closed, the waters churning, yearning our hearts
Back to loved ones that we hold dear

The stars look very different from here
Will they help us find a way in…through the trap door?
Catapults and battling rams can’t break down these walls
Lawyers, politicians, cops and immigration
It’s so long now….
If we capsized the weight of all the hatred above letting elements of love in?

Sea Shanty


Another life awaits you
A different world’s at hand
It’s real enough
Conveniently askew
Adjust that latitude now
The pack is closing in
To rope a dope
What no one’s ever seen
Howl, reel, convulse in wonder
Give up, give in, let bygones be
(Another life awaits you)


Black as the night it collides with the sun
Shards from the light of a young soldier’s gun
Lift your self up, brush it off, cast away our mistakes