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The Sixth Jump

…it, 2000); he is also a kora player, a passionate advocate of traditional Manding music, and for many years led his own West African group in Paris (Waraba, 2004, produced by Delbecq). Avenel and the Paris-based Congolese drummer Emile Biayenda, who Benoit first performed and recorded with on a tour to Central Africa in 1994, set up wonderfully…

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…iny, evanescent and strangely moving, Nu-turn will intrigue audiophiles ready for new experiences and appeal to fans of new music beyond category. Highly acclaimed in Europe, Benoit Delbecq leads or co-leads a number of bands (The Recyclers, Karket, Ambitronix, PianoBook) and has releases on Naive, Plush, Deux Z and other labels. He has three…

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Circles and Calligrams

…ely from schematic approaches to form and idiom associated with that format, putting into practice an authentically egalitarian and organic conception of orchestral dynamics, Delbecq, without sacrificing any part of his poetics, wholeheartedly embraces dance, trance and song. As if wrapped round in the sophisticated and sensualist grooves of the…

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…a, All About Jazz “It’s rare to hear something this original. The closest comparison I can come up with is the Jimmy Giuffre 3 with an extra clarinetist and percussion. Benoit Delbecq’s compositions, while not as inscrutably beautiful or as blues-y as Giuffre’s, have a similar sort of cool abstraction about them. Delbecq hails from France,…


Fun House

…tes of the first rehearsal I remember very precisely, they just showed we’d made a great choice! The music found its flow and freedom from the beginning.” Most of Delbecq’s pieces here were written for the group. “I was imagining scenarios and road maps for each tune, although leaving a lot of space for everyone’s…

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Benoît Delbecq


Because She Hoped

…i, 1997, and Dice Thrown, 2002) offers the opportunity to take stock of two distinctive composer-performers whose work together has its own very particular synergy. Houle and Delbecq have both pioneered extended techniques on their instruments. Delbecq is known for his extensive use of piano preparations, developing a style inspired equally by…


Dice Thrown

…echoes and undercurrents of other music continually opening up new directions. The nuanced 24-bit recording reveals a world of subtle resonance. Pianist/keyboardist/composer Benoit Delbecq was born near Paris in 1966 and studied both jazz and contemporary/classical piano. He is a founding member of the Hask Collective, which helped revitalize…



…ognized clarinetist.” — Ben Ratliff, New York Times “One of the most fascinating pianists of the new generation.” — Michel Contat, Télérama “Houle and Delbecq apply their awesome scholarship of 20th century classical theory and forward-thinking jazz to Nancali…Delbecq teases fascinating timbral qualities out of the…


Where is Pannonica?

…e boundaries of jazz. His solo piano SACD Dreams and False Alarms was released on Songlines in 2007. Described by The New York Times as “brilliant and unconventional,” Benoît Delbecq is acclaimed as one of France’s indispensable pianists. He has been involved in numerous collaborations with French musicians, visual artists and poets, and…

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